Women’s Health Services

Wellness: Women have different medical needs from other patients. Our primary care providers work closely with female patients to review their medical history and risk factors as it relates to conditions such as breast cancer, heart disease, cervical or ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and other conditions that impact many women. We can also per-form routine blood tests to diagnose problems that are common in women.

Womens-healthPAP Smear: This annual test can help reduce your risk for cervical cancer and other conditions that could become cancerous. In the event of an abnormal test result, our primary care providers can advise you of the best treatment options and help coordinate your care.

Breast Exam: Detecting an abnormal lump or mass in your breast before it becomes serious can help save your life. Our team of providers can perform this simple check once a year as part of your routine gynecological exam. We can also refer patients who need a screening or diagnostic mammogram to outpatient imaging centers that are convenient and in-network with your insurance.

Menopause: Our providers can diagnose menopause and work with you to evaluate treatment options as needed. Our primary care providers can discuss the pros and cons of both traditional and alternative therapies, depending on patient preference. We can also help you coordinate your care.

Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Our healthcare providers can assist women who experience abnormal periods, such as heavy bleeding or irregular frequency, through diagnosis and a variety of treatment options.

Contraception: With the number of contraception medications and devices available, making a decision can be overwhelming. Our physicians can help you understand the benefits and risks associated with each type of treatment and what may work best for your lifestyle. We can also help adjust medications and dosages as needed.

Female Infections (bladder, pelvic): Early treatment for any infection is very important and can even help prevent infertility and other gynecological problems. If you have a history of either frequent urinary tract infections or pelvic inflammatory dis-ease, our providers can help ensure you get the gynecological treatment you need quickly to clear up these conditions.
Our providers bring years of experience in women’s health services and we can address many common problems at the primary care level. We are proud to care for women during all the ages and stages of life.